Auto Defects

If a defect in an automobile caused the accident or exacerbated the injuries, an otherwise minor accident can turn into a serious tragedy. A seat belted passenger whose seat was reclined at the time of an impact may sustain serious injuries whereas an upright occupant may walk away without a scratch. Consumers are not informed of the danger of seatbelts being ineffective when the seat back is reclined. Automakers must be held accountable in these instances. Winning a product liability claim against the world's automobile manufacturers and their armies of lawyers can take years of litigation and often involves extensive and expensive research and testing to prove a defect was to blame.

Michael Morgenstern and his team of attorneys have extensive experience in auto accident cases and always consider the possibility that a product defect was a contributing factor to the victim's injuries. Every case is evaluated for potential product defect claims to bring all responsible parties to justice and maximize recovery for the client.

If you are the victim of serious personal injury from a motor vehicle accident, or if a loved one suffered a wrongful death at the hands of a negligent driver or defective automobile, contact Morgenstern Injury Lawyers for a free initial consultation.