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Verdicts & Settlements
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Here is a sample of verdicts and settlements we obtained during the past several years for our clients in personal injury cases:
Prashant Kumar vs. Toyota
$59.7 million

Prashant Kumar, a 26-year old Maryland resident, was a passenger in a Toyota car when the Toyota was struck head-on by an oncoming car. Prashant’s seat was reclined and he slid under his seat belt. His legs were crushed and they had to be amputated. Prashant’s friend, the driver, did not have his seat reclined and he walked away from the accident unharmed. In May of 2000, a jury awarded Prashant $59.7 million finding that Toyota failed to adequately warn Prashant about the danger of riding with his seat reclined while the car was moving.
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Jane Doe vs. Corporation*
Confidential Settlement

A mother and her two children, while crossing a street in the crosswalk, were struck by a vehicle that had failed to stop for a red light. Jane Doe and her two children were seriously injured. The driver of the vehicle fled from the scene and was later apprehended and arrested. Our firm closely monitored the criminal trial against the driver, who was found guilty and sentenced to prison. We then pursued the civil case and, ultimately, our firm negotiated a settlement that, not only compensated the family members for their injuries, but also, and most importantly, provided life-time medical care and special education for the two children.
Mary Best vs.
Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (Metrobus)
$3.35 million

Mary Best, a 64-year old District of Columbia resident, had been waiting at a bus stop when a Metrobus driver lost control of the vehicle and struck her. Both of her legs were crushed. Ms. Best’s $3.35 million settlement was the largest that MetroBus ever had to pay.
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John Doe vs. Concert Arena Owner*
$2 Million

John Doe, a 19-year old construction employee, attended an outdoor rock concert during which a large rain storm occurred. He, along with a large group of patrons, “body surfed” down a muddy hill, an activity that is popular among concert-goers whenever it rains at the arena. Unknown to the body-surfing patrons, the concert arena owner had installed a vertical overflow pipe to drain the water at the bottom of the hill. When John Doe slid down the hill, his head struck the overflow pipe which had become submerged under the muddy rain water. John Doe was seriously injured and now is confined to a wheelchair. By investigating the long history of concerts at this location, we were able to show that the concert arena owner knew that the hill would be used by patrons to body surf during rainy weather and that appropriate notice should have been posted about the newly installed overflow pipe.
Jane Doe vs. Trash Truck Company*
$1.9 Million

Jane Doe, a 58-year old bookkeeper, was broadsided by a 26 ton trash truck whose driver drove through a red light. Jane Doe was comatose for a month and hospitalized for five months. She was unable to return to work. In addition to obtaining the trash truck company’s $1.9 million policy limits, we were also able to negotiate large reductions with Jane Doe’s health insurance company and medical providers. These savings helped to fund an annuity that replaced Jane Doe’s loss of income.
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*As part of the settlement, the defendant in each of these cases required a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.
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In describing these case outcomes, we are aware, and prospective clients should also know, that each case is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits. Nonetheless, we have had success in this area of personal injury law, as evidenced by these and other cases.
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"Attorney Michael Morgenstern's $3.35 million recovery against Metrobus was one of the two largest in Metrobus history.”
The Washington Post
October 6, 1997